Business Model

To sustain growth and fund the continuous operation of the project, the following area will be explored in order to generate revenue.



The biggest sunk cost to keep the project afloat is operation. The key to minimize operation cost while maintain high level of output is by operating in a low cost country. DIAMOND HAND will operation somewhere in Asia where we can optimize between cost and efficiency.


Marketing cost should be proportional to revenue. As long as the average revenue from a new user is higher than the cost of acquiring that user, revenue can be scaled up relatively quickly. Before this happens, the cost of marketing will be negligible.


Rewards include the extra rewards (via boosting or other means) from staking and farming, community activities, in-app progression, etc... We are reserving a decent chunk of token for this exact purpose. In additional to the reserved token, if necessary, we will deploy revenue and buy back tokens from the exchanges in order to meet our obligation.


Token Appreciation

As token for studio operation unlocks over time, the progress we make should directly translate to token market-cap. If we execute well, the appreciation from the token should outpace the increase in operational cost.


Once the app reaches a decent DAU count, DIAMOND HAND can advertise other crypto related projects within the app, in exchange for a fee and/or token.


Some of the activities within the app will carries minor fees, such as farming and staking.


Once we are in the position to seek venture funding, we will actively pursue this avenue to help us grow exponentially.