Welcome to DIAMOND HAND!
On behalf of the DIAMOND HAND team, we thank you for your interest in our project and we hope to have you as part of the DIAMOND HAND community. Please follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and Tiktok for the latest updates. TO THE MOON!
At its core, DIAMOND HAND is a framework consisting of 3 major pillars: social, mobile gaming, and financial data. By applying blockchain technology to these 3 pillars, we hope to disrupt the status quo and compete against some of the biggest mobile apps with audience size in the billions.
Our vision for DIAMOND HAND is as following
  • A gateway to the world of blockchain
  • Mobile gaming on blockchain
  • Enhanced & gamified social network
  • Meme culture amplified
  • Staking, farming, portfolio tracking, and other utilitarian functionalities
Our founding team has over 30 years of experience in consumer-facing mobile apps and games. Each of us has held roles in companies such as Electronic Arts, NEXON, IGT, Dell, and Wynn Las Vegas. We understand the dynamics of developing and marketing mass-market consumer apps and we have first-hand experience launching successful mobile apps which daily active user (DAU) reaches millions.
Our ultimate goal is to help accelerate mass-adopt for blockchain technologies by developing a user-friendly mobile app which someone with zero blockchain experience can install and enjoy right away.
Please allow us to guide you through our vision by reading the rest of this Litepaper.