Market Size & Opportunity

Due to the unique nature of DIAMOND HAND, the opportunity is difficult to quantify. Simply put, there isn't another app out there that's quite like ours. Looking at similar apps, we are proposing the following hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1

The addressable market is as large, if not larger than the current number of crypto currency holders.
We would argue that whoever is holding crypto, would highly likely to engage with DIAMOND HAND, provided that DIAMOND HAND add value by
  • Offering higher staking and farming ARP
  • Offering ease of access on both iOS and Android
  • Offering other social & gaming features
How fast DIAMOND HAND can saturate the market is a function determined by marketing and technology. As of June 2021, there are 221 million crypto holders worldwide. Facebook had 1 million users by the end of 2004, out of 824 million internet users worldwide. If DIAMOND HAND can do as well as Facebook's first year, which means the projected user count by the end of year 1 is around 270,000+ users

Hypothesis 2

As blockchain becomes mainstream, a higher percentage of people will engage with mobile apps where the cost of entry is the lowest.
By definition, social entertainment apps have lower cost of entry than most trading apps. Therefore, DIAMOND HAND will likely absorb a higher-than-average amount of users who are new to the world of blockchain. This conclusion will depend on the number of blockchain focused apps, live on iOS and Android.
The current crypto penetration in the United States is around 6%. If we assume crypto penetration grows at the same rate as internet adoption, this implies a 20% penetration by 2026.


To conclude, DIAMOND HAND's growth will largely depend on
  • Feature development and innovation
  • Marketing
  • Growth of blockchain
If we use early internet adoption as benchmarks, DIAMOND HAND is in a favorable position to build something with tremendous amount of upside potential.