Building a community is very important from a business strategy perspective. A recent article from Andreessen Horowitz talked about the power of communities and how companies who build communities on top of products are displacing their counterparts. We couldn't agree more. Money and finance have always been a somewhat serious topic of discussion, until the internet fully embraced the meme culture.
When there's change, opportunities usually aware around the corner. The raise of Crypto created an influx of attention and resources. People are flooding to Twitter and Telegram to follow their favorite projects.
Back in the days, MySpace used to dominate social networking, until Facebook came along and took over the space. Twitter had a simpler approach and focused on real time updates. Youtube became the shared video drive of the entire internet. Twitch turned LAN parties into a business. The latest sensation goes to Tiktok, an app that came out of nowhere and now is everywhere.
Is it possible, by blending social network with financial data, a new category of apps is created in the process? We believe in this hypothesis wholeheartedly. Imagine an app, where
  • Stats from your crypto portfolio can be shared publicly
  • Community members engage in tournaments and leaderboards based on gains, losses, trading volume, profit margin, etc...
  • Trades are tracked to calculate win/loss ratio
  • No more fake gurus. Only those with trackable trading records are believed
The transparency and the trust-less nature of blockchain technologies are truly game changing to how we can share our portfolio and passion with the world. DIAMOND HAND is well positioned to build the next generation of finance+ apps